Keten | Franchise

In Keten we are developing our joint concept for man, woman, boy and girl through a national and international franchise system through local partners from the same market of interest. On our part, we prefer to work with a company by state.

Our franchisees are companies or groups with expertise in retail and absolute knowledge of the local market.

The franchisee must have the financial and the ‘know-how' capacity for the development of business in the agreed State, besides having local physical resources and a dedicated team.

*The shops in the states of Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo are property of the Company Keten de Mexico therefore Keten franchises can’t be granted in either States.

If you believe you posess the expertise and adequate resources or you require more information, contact the Franchise Department at the following address: Calle 7 No: 451 and 22 x 24 Plaza Altabrisa Merida Yucatan 97133 or email

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