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About us

Keten is the largest fine linen artisan made clothing in Mexico. We offer exceptional quality, selection and values. We offer free shipping and 30-day returns on every order.

We value your partnership

We offer exceptional quality, selection and values. We offer free shipping and 30-day returns on every order.



  • It's free and easy to fill out an application and join our PARTNER program.
  • An exciting opportunity to partner with a nationally recognized jeweler.
  • Promote the clothes that your clients / friends want.


  • We make tracking, reporting, payment, and optimization easy.
  • Good selection of content to add to your website for the convenience of your customers, including access to text links and banner ads.
  • Access to Keten's wide range of clothing, including: guayabera shirts, dresses, suits and much more, makes it easy to increase your website traffic.
  • Free access to / data source available in .CSV and .XML formats.
  • Opportunity to work one on one with a team of expert professionals.


  • Possibility of earning up to 10% commission on fine clothing.
  • We provide our affiliates with many different opportunities to earn commission by offering their customers more than 300 products online to choose from on the Keten website.
  • Work closely with an expert team of partner managers to increase your sales and conversions.
  • Continuous access to exclusive offers for affiliates to ensure the continued interest of your customers.


Thank you for your interest in the Keten partner program. Now you can connect your visitors, friends and acquaintances to our website and earn money without having to invest a single peso.

Keten is a concept store that specializes in "totally unique" and high quality linen clothing. Buyers love our clothes, due to the exclusivity and uniqueness of each piece. Also competitive prices and quality.

We have our associate program where you can log in and track your sales, real-time reports, and weekly, biweekly or monthly commission payments. Keten offers a commission on articles purchased by visitors who refer us from their website, facebook, instagram, youtube or blogs. A 30-day cookie in case they don't buy right away.

So the more customers you send to or, the more commission percentage you get. There is no cost to join and there is no obligation.

Now click Sign up and sign up for an affiliate. Once we activate your membership, you can easily access our promotions and links. Start now. Start earning with us.